Add simple and powerful reporting to your product

Are you interested in providing reporting functionality for your product, or do you need a simple and powerful analytics tool for your own BI solution? Contact us by filling out the form below and we’ll set up an online meeting to show more and discuss how we could work together.

Powerful BI-tool

With 4Decision you will provide your users with a modern easy-to-use but powerful BI-tool, with all you can expect from a wide range of report elements such as charts, KPIs, gauges, maps and tables, lots of filtering options etc. Some of the features include:

  • Structured library of interactive reports
  • Ad-hoc analysis of structured data
  • User defined calculations
  • Share and export
  • Unique solution for on-boarding and handling multiple customers

Easy to integrate

4Decision can be set up as a either a separate reporting and analytics tool or be fully integrated in your existing solution. You can easily override our stylesheets to fit the design to your brand, and if you want to integrate even further, we provide APIs for the report library so you can build custom menus etc. As for user authentication and permission we support standard SSO solutions and support generating users and proper permissions dynamically from the source systems. We are even able to fully customize any part of the solution based on your needs.

No up-front costs

Our primary business model is working with partners building solutions together. Typically, we start with an MVP to quickly be able to provide value to your customers. Instead of up-front licence or development costs we offer a royalty-based price model. We also offer traditional subscription based license models when more suitable for you.

On-cloud or on-prem

4Decision is a web based fully responsive reporting and analytic tool build upon powerful Microsoft technology. We use MS Analysis Services as database engine (supporting both the multidimensional and tabular model). The front-end runs on IIS and can be provided you your customers both on the cloud or installed on-prem. Data can be fed into Analysis Services in multiple ways using APIs or database connections.

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