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4Decision is a powerful reporting tool with a ready-made integration with PrestaShop. Every night data from your shop will be fetched automatically and prepared for reporting and analytics.

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Filter and visualize your data

In 4Decision for PrestaShop, you will find a lot of reports that are ready to use and let you filter and visualize your data according to your needs. These will give you the most commonly sought-after statistics like bestsellers, sales margins, etc. When that is not enough, you can also create your reports from scratch to give you answers to more specific and complex questions.

Easy to create reports

In the tool, your data is structured in a way that makes it easy even for inexperienced users to create the reports they need. When you have gotten familiar with the tool you can also use more advanced functionality like defining your calculated measures and KPIs.

Enhanced ecommerce insights

Do you want to know which sizes or colors your customers prefer? Do you want to know which campaigns were most successful? Do you want to know how price changes have affected your sales and profits? These are just a few examples of information you can get, and you can decide how you want it presented and visualized: per product, per month, in tables, charts, KPIs, etc. You will also find detailed level information, like the email addresses of customers who bought a specific product.

Cloud-based solution

4Decision is an external Cloud-based solution where your data is stored in a data warehouse separate from your online shop. This means that however complex queries you make will not affect the performance of your shop. It also means that we can build up historical data over time that is not available in your PrestaShop database. For instance, we will save daily snapshots of the number of items in stock, so that you can track stock changes over time.

How we fetch
your data

There are two ways of making your data available for analysis in 4Decision:


Database access

This is the most efficient way of fetching your data and is preferable for medium or large shops. For this, we need access to your Prestashop MySQL database so you need to provide us the IP address or hostname of the MySQL server and login credentials.

Also, the firewall needs to allow our IP address. If you don’t have these details you should be able to get them from your hosting provider.


PrestaShop Web Service / API

With this option, we don't need direct access to the database. Instead, you will create an API key for us that allows us to fetch the data by the web service. This method is most suitable for small shops (less than 100 products or 10 orders per day).

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